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Signs You Need Muffler Repair

Posted on Jun 29, 2016

There are some car components you can put off getting repaired, but the muffler isn’t one of them. Wait too long to get your muffler serviced, and it could cost you a lot more when the problem finally gets too bad to ignore. If you recognize any of these signs of a bad muffler, visit an auto repair shop near you in White Oak, MD for professional muffler repair.

Loud Noises

The most obvious sign of a failing muffler is a drastic (or gradual) change in the volume coming from the exhaust while driving. When it’s working properly, the muffler should operate quietly in the background while the vehicle is running. If you notice your car is louder, don’t just turn up the radio to drown out the rumbling or roaring sound—instead, have your car checked out by a muffler repair mechanic as soon as possible.

Vibrations or Loss of Power

As muffler problems develop and get worse, you might notice other signs besides (or in addition to) the deep, rumbling sound mentioned previously. If you experience new vibrations in the steering wheel or feet pedals when operating your car or notice a significant change in your car’s acceleration and top speed, have your muffler checked out by a professional mechanic.

Lower Fuel Economy

Problems with the muffler and exhaust system can also lower your vehicle’s gas mileage, so pay attention to how often you fill up at the pump or track your fuel economy and visit an auto repair shop when you notice your car’s fuel efficiency start to dip. Even if it’s not the exhaust system, something is affecting your vehicle’s gas mileage, and your mechanic can find out what it is.

If you suspect a problem with your muffler or exhaust system, bring your car to Murray’s Auto Clinics. Both of our auto repair and maintenance shops in White Oak, MD are equipped to meet all of your vehicle service needs, including muffler and exhaust repair. Call us at (240) 450-2478 to learn more about our services or to talk with a mechanic about your vehicle.

Urban legends, myths, and distorted truths are commonplace when talking about engine oil. It’s one of those auto maintenance subjects that drivers think they know a lot about, but the myths and distortions drivers actually believe in can be disastrous. Clearing up the air about engine oil can help you make the right decisions for your vehicle, which in turn can help you avoid costly automotive problems later on. That’s why we sat down to write this post, so we could give you straight talk about the engine oil in your car.

Myth: You Need to Change Your Oil Every 3,000 Miles

Fact: There was a time when the 3,000-mile rule was the standard for cars, but advancements in oil chemistry and engine technology have resulted in longer intervals in between oil changes. Although there’s no harm in changing your car’s oil every 3,000 miles if that’s the schedule you’re used to, experts recommend sticking to the designated intervals in the owner’s manual.

Myth: Engine Oil Needs to be Changed When It’s Dark

Fact: Drivers should be in the habit of checking the engine oil regularly, but just because it looks dark or dirty doesn’t necessarily mean you’re overdue for an oil change. If you’re using an oil that contains detergent additives, the oil is actually working just the way it’s supposed to if it looks dirty. Again, this is where the manufacturer-recommended oil change interval can help you decide when to change the oil, regardless of the color on the dipstick.

Myth: Once You Use Synthetic, You Always Have to Use It

Fact: You may have heard about the benefits of synthetic engine oil, but perhaps you’re hesitant to make the switch or even try out synthetic oil because you’ve always heard that you can’t go back to traditional oil once you put synthetic in your car. We’re glad to tell you this is a straight-up myth. You can use any type of engine oil you prefer, traditional or synthetic, as long as it meets requirements set out in the owner’s manual.

Need an oil change? Have questions about engine oil? Either way, the experts at Murray’s Auto Clinics can help. Our auto maintenance and repair shops in Silver Spring, MD are your go-to source for complete auto care, including oil changes and transmission flushes. Call us at (240) 450-2478 to learn more.

Your automatic transmission relies on transmission fluid for power, lubrication, and cooling. Over the miles of driving, your transmission fluid will naturally wear out and need to be replaced. With a transmission flush from a highly-rated mechanic, you can restore the performance and safety of your transmission. There are several signs that your car needs a transmission fluid change. First, you may notice grinding or slipping sensations when your vehicle transitions between gears. In addition, you may also notice a strange, burning smell when you operate your car. These symptoms are a sign that you need to visit the mechanic right away.

Whether you are in need of transmission repair or another type of auto repair service near White Oak, MD, Murray’s Auto Clinics will be there to assist you. Our team of master mechanics provides expert auto repairs. Call us at (240) 450-2478 to learn more about the auto repair services that we have to offer you.

Interpreting Tire Wear

Posted on Jun 9, 2016

Your car’s tires are among its most important features. By checking for the signs of tire wear on a routine basis, you can determine when it is time to schedule a tire change with your mechanic in. In order to check for tire wear, you should look at the wear patterns on your treads. Any unusual wear can indicate under or over inflation, or suspension issues in your vehicle. To learn more about how to interpret tire wear, watch this video.

When you are in need of auto repair near White Oak, MD, do not hesitate to contact Murray’s Auto Clinics by calling (240) 450-2478. From brake repair to radiator repair and more, our mechanics can offer you a full range of services for your vehicle. We look forward to helping you take care of your vehicle.

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