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Both of our family owned & operated auto repair service centers have been performing major & minor services in Silver Spring, MD since 1982.

There are a few signs that you may have a bad fuel pump.  The two most common are loss of power in the vehicle or an inability to function.  There are meters that can determine if it is a fuel pump problem.  The best way to prevent fuel pump problems is regularly changing your fuel filter.  In addition, refilling your gas tank before it drops bellow a quarter of a tank can prevent the filter from getting clogged.

This video teaches you to diagnose a fuel pump problem from common signs.  The video talks about how a garage would repair the problem.  Finally, the video teaches you how to prevent a fuel pump problem.

If you need help maintaining your vehicle, diagnosing a problem, or repairing your vehicle, contact us at Murray’s Auto Clinic where our expert service will help you get back on the road.

Many people only think they need to care for their car when it is broken; however, automotive repair should not be the only time you tend to your car.  Regular auto maintenance service is crucial for a number of reasons that will allow you to keep your car running for much longer.  Here are a few:


Regular auto maintenance is, above all else, important for safety.  Making sure your wiper blades are in good condition as well as your breaks can mean the difference between life and death.  If your break pads are worn down, then it will make it hard to stop, and you could swerve out of control.

Saving Money

Maintaining your vehicle could save you a lot of money in the long run.  It will keep your car functioning properly and ensure that no costly repairs will be in the future as a result of vehicle neglect.  For example, regular oil changes will prevent engine wear that could cost you a large sum of money to repair.

Gas Mileage

Regular auto maintenance will ensure that your engine is running efficiently and without problem.  As such, you will get better gas mileage because your car won’t be struggling to perform regular functions.

Extended Car Life/Higher Resale Value

By ensuring that your car is regularly maintained, you will extend the life of your vehicle.  It will prevent wear that could put your car permanently out of commission.  Following suit, when you go to sell your vehicle, it will be in better condition, and therefore, you will get a higher price.

Your vehicle’s health is dependent on regular auto maintenance service.  As such, it is vital that you are on top of your vehicle’s upkeep.  However, some of us are not mechanically inclined and need some help with this.  Here at Murray’s Auto Clinic, we will perform your auto maintenance service for you so you can drive without worry, and ensure your car runs for years to come.

Vehicle Maintenance

Has this ever happened to you? You're cruising along when, out of nowhere, the check engine light comes on. Do you panic, pull over, and frantically call every auto repair shop and tow-truck company in the area? Or, do you ignore it, keep driving, and tune out your significant other’s nagging about getting it checked out?

Turns out, neither option is a great one. Ultimately, the best advice when that light blinks on is to go to a trusted automotive repair shop. Until you can get there, here are some basic tips to help you navigate the problem.

  • The Basics: When the light comes on, the first thing you should do is a basic check. Look at the dashboard to see if any other lights, like the oil pressure or temperature gauges, are signaling a problem. Grab your owner's manual and take a peek at what is says—but not while you are driving! See if you notice anything else out of the ordinary with your car.
  • More Serious Problems: If, when the check engine light comes on you also notice a loss of power, or the car seems like it is struggling, you could have a serious problem. Slow down immediately. If this doesn't help, pull over and lighten your load if possible, especially if you are pulling something. Make sure your next drive is directly to your local auto repair specialist.
  • Automotive Expertise: The best thing to do when your check engine light comes on is to stop by your auto repair shop to let the trained technicians run a diagnostic test on your car. The computer in your car will give them an accurate assessment of what is going on with your car. Then they can begin the repair process without any extra work on your part.

If your check engine light is on, come to Murray's Auto Clinic right away. Our highly qualified technicians can check your lights, and do the necessary repairs. When you need an automotive repair shop, call us!

Are you worried about passing your emissions test? Watch this informative video on emissions tests to get some tips to help you pass the dreaded test.

Preparation and proper maintenance can go a long way to ensure you don't fail your emissions test. The testing is crucial to protect the air we breathe, and to make sure you car is running at peak performance. Not only is it important for our health, failing the test can cost you a lot of money, so pay close attention to the tips in the video.

If you need emissions repair, contact Murray's Auto Clinic. Our experts can get your car ready for its emissions test, plus do other automotive repair and maintenance services. Call us today to schedule your service appointment right away.

Unless you are a trained mechanic, it can sometimes be difficult to tell what is wrong with your car. Auto repair can be a tricky science to master, and in most cases, including brake repair, leaving the work to auto maintenance specialists is the best idea. But how do you know when something is wrong with your brakes?

The best way to tell if there is a problem with your brakes is to use your senses. By paying careful attention to your car, you can determine if there is a problem with your brake system. Here are a few ways to tell if you need brake repair.

  • Sound: If you hear unusual noises when you are driving, particularly when stopping, you may have a brake problem. The noises could range from squealing and squeaking, to scraping or grinding. If you ignore a squeak, it will grow into a scrape, which generally means a much more significant brake repair job.
  • Sight: In many cars today, one of the first indicators of a brake issue is the ABS light on the dash. Another sign you might see is brake fluid that has leaked out of the car while you are parked. A word of caution: If you see smoke coming from your car's wheel after you stop, do not drive the car, as you may have very serious, if not deadly, brake problems.
  • Feel: If, as you are driving, you feel vibrations, contact a trusted auto repair specialist, because your brakes may need maintenance or replacement. Also, if the resistance on the brake pedals changes or decreases, you probably need to have your brake system inspected. Both these signs should be addressed promptly to prevent serious brake problems and potentially fatal car crashes from occurring.

As you drive, if you hear, see, or feel anything out of the ordinary, contact Murray's Auto Clinic right away. Our trained technicians can diagnose and perform all kinds of repair, including brake and emissions repair. We can also perform your regular maintenance, so don't wait, call us today!

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