Brake Service 101

If you notice that your car is in need of brake service, you should be sure to book immediate services with a mechanic in Silver Spring, MD . Since your brakes and brake rotors are among the most critical safety systems in your vehicle, any brake problems should be immediately addressed by an auto mechanic. To help you determine when it is time to bring your vehicle into the shop, here is a look at the basics about what every driver should know about brake services.

Master Cylinder Issues

The master cylinder is among the most critical parts of your car’s braking system. Since automotive brakes are powered hydraulically, they rely on pressurized fluid in order to function properly. The master cylinder is responsible for generating the power for all of the brake fluid in your brake lines. A faulty master cylinder will need attention from a qualified mechanic.

Brake Pads and Rotors

Along with the master cylinder, the brake pads and rotors are among the brake components that require the most frequent repairs. When your brake pads wear down, you may begin to hear a high pitched noise when you hit the brake pedal. Allowing your brake pads to wear down too far could cause damage to your rotors and calipers.

Creating a Brake Service Schedule

One of the best ways to care for your car’s brakes is to create a brake service schedule . Each automotive manufacturer has its own specific recommendations about when the brake pads should be replaced. By following this maintenance timeline, you can help your brakes last for longer.

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