Signs of a Muffler Repair Problem

Your exhaust system is designed to channel exhaust emissions safely away from your car’s engine. One of the most important features of your exhaust system is the muffler. Occasionally, a car’s muffler can experience auto repair issues. When your muffler is in need of attention from your mechanic in Silver Spring, MD, you may notice several signs and symptoms. For example, you may find that your car vibrates or shakes as you drive down the road. Other signs of a muffler problem include significantly reduced fuel economy, or a check engine light that is continually illuminated.

When you notice the signs of a muffler repair problem, the experts at Murray’s Auto Clinic will be there to assist you. Using our automotive diagnostic tools, we can pinpoint the precise problem that is troubling your vehicle. To set up an appointment for your car in Silver Spring, call us today at (888) 689-1781.

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