The Consequences of Skipping Oil Changes

Oil change

Your car’s engine relies on host of fluids to operate safely and efficiently. Engine oil, as most drivers know, is one of the most important of these fluids as it helps lubricate the moving parts of your car. Unfortunately, many drivers continue to neglect regular oil changes , leading to serious mechanical problems and high repair costs. Here are some of the consequences of skipping oil changes.

Poor Lubrication

Engine oil’s primary function is to lubricate the moving parts of your car’s engine. By decreasing the amount of friction between the various parts of your engine, motor oil helps to reduce wear and lengthen the lifespan of your engine’s components. Old oil can break down and lose its viscosity, making it a less effective lubricant for many components in your engine. This could lead to overheating and engine seizure. Thin oil can also leak into the combustion chambers and cause serious problems.


When you fail to replace your engine’s oil regularly, you also increase the chance of engine contamination. Contaminated oil can turn into a sludge that can plug up the components in your engine. It can jam moving parts and prevent good oil from moving around to lubricate things. This problem often leads to engine seizure, which leaves your engine damaged beyond repair.


Neglecting to regularly replace your engine’s oil can also cause corrosion. As oil breaks down, certain chemicals react with oxygen and heat. This reaction produces corrosive compounds that can go on to cause serious damage to your engine’s parts. In addition to causing oxidation and sludge buildup, these corrosive compounds can also cause valves to stick.

When it comes to maintaining your car, there are few things more important than getting regular oil changes. Don’t let your engine suffer serious damage due to old oil. To learn more about the importance of regular oil changes, call Murray’s Auto Clinics at (240) 450-2712.

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