• What Is Your Check Engine Light Telling You?

    Routine auto repair is one of the most important aspects of car ownership. When your car is experiencing mechanical problems, you will want to visit your mechanic right away. In order to determine when it is time to visit your mechanic, you should be aware of your dashboard lights at all times. For example, when your vehicle is in need of transmission repair, your check engine will turn on. Let’s take a closer look at what your check engine light could be telling you about your car’s maintenance needs.

    Broken Oxygen Sensor

    One of the common causes of a check engine light that is turned on is a broken oxygen sensor. Your car’s oxygen sensor is designed to provide your car with valuable information about how much fuel is being used when you drive. When an oxygen sensor in your car goes out, your check engine light will turn on right away. Your mechanic can replace your oxygen sensor and restore the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

    Loose Gas Cap

    Another common reason that your check engine light may turn on is when your gas cap is loose or faulty. Your gas cap is designed to keep your gas tank from losing fuel, and also protects your car from creating additional emissions. In the event that your check engine light turns on suddenly, you may want to inspect your gas cap.

    Damaged Catalytic Converter

    Finally, a damaged catalytic converter may be the cause of your check engine light becoming illuminated. Your catalytic converter is an essential part of your vehicle’s exhaust system. If your catalytic converter has not been maintained properly, your catalytic converter will not be able to reduce the exhaust gases in your car.

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  • What Your Check Engine Light Means

    Your dashboard lights provide you with important information about the safety and performance of your vehicle. One of the most essential check engine lights that you may see illuminated on your dashboard is the low oil pressure light. This light will turn on when you first start your vehicle to indicate that it is functioning. If you see this light turn on when you are driving, this is an indicator that your engine oil is low and that you need to visit a mechanic in White Oak immediately. For a detailed look at your dashboard lights, be sure to watch this video.

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