• Signs Your Exhaust Needs Repair

    The exhaust is a critical component on modern vehicles. Problems with the exhaust can affect your car’s performance and fuel economy, and may even cause dangerous carbon monoxide fumes to build up in the cabin. That’s why you should visit an auto repair shop to have your exhaust inspected if you notice any of these warning signs:

    • Your car is noticeably louder
    • Your car occasionally hesitates or chugs when you try to start it
    • You notice excessive vibrations or loss of power when operating your car
    • You are filling up your gas tank more often than normal
    • You get drowsy or dizzy when driving

    Continuing to drive with a damaged exhaust system is dangerous, and can end up costing you a lot more in repairs the longer you wait. If you suspect your exhaust needs repair, visit Murray’s Auto Clinic in Silver Spring, MD. As one of the premier auto repair shops in the area, we can diagnose your exhaust problems and get you back on the road in no time. Call us at (240) 450-2478 to schedule exhaust and muffler repair today.