• Why Is Motor Oil Important?

    When you get an oil change near Silver Spring, MD , do you know what type of oil is going into your car? There are many different brands and types of motor oil, which makes it difficult to find one that is best suited to your vehicle and its driving conditions. The wrong oil can cause serious damage to the engine, so it is important to find a professional mechanic that knows the right type of motor oil to use in your vehicle. Watch the video to find out more about the importance of motor oil.

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  • Knowing When to Schedule an Oil Change

    As the owner of a vehicle, you are responsible for maintaining the quality and performance of your car with routine auto services . One of the most crucial services that you will need to schedule is an oil change serving Silver Spring, MD. By keeping you on your oil change procedures with your local auto shop, you can help your car to last for many more miles down the road. To help you decide when you should call your auto mechanic, here is a look at how to know when to schedule an oil change.

    Trust Your Manual

    When you are determining when it is time to schedule an oil change for your car , you can start by looking at your owner’s manual. Each vehicle has its own guidelines for the ideal oil change interval. By consulting with your manual, you can feel great knowing that you are taking excellent care of your car.

    Consult the Dashboard

    If you are the owner of a newer car, chances are that your vehicle is equipped with sensors and gauges that will tell you when it is time to schedule an oil change. By remaining attentive to your oil change indicator light, you will be able to know when it is time to call your mechanic.

    Consider Oil Analysis

    For a precise reading of the ideal oil change interval for your car, you may want to consider an oil analysis procedure. Your auto mechanic can use advanced diagnostic equipment to read the condition and quality of your motor oil when you bring your vehicle into the shop.

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  • How Often Do You Need to Change Your Oil?

    Changing engine oil Oil changes are an integral part of every auto maintenance schedule. While it is important to change your oil regularly, you may not need to schedule this service as often as you think. In the past, conventional motor oil needed to be changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. With the creation of new, synthetic oils that offer long-lasting performance, some cars can go up to 10,000 miles before they require an oil change. To determine the oil change interval that is right for your car, be sure to consult with your mechanic.

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  • Tips for Choosing Motor Oil

    Oil changes are essential for protecting and prolonging the lifespan of your engine. When you are scheduling an oil change, you should make sure that your auto mechanic near Silver Spring, MD, uses the best quality motor oil. For example, you should be sure to look for quality motor oil that has a high rating from the American Petroleum Institute. To take a closer look at some tips for choosing motor oil, check out this video from Lauren Fix.

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