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Transmission repair is one of the most critical aspects of vehicle maintenance. If your vehicle is in need of transmission repair, you may notice that your engine revs without your vehicle moving any faster. In addition, you might also find that your car has trouble shifting. When your vehicle is in need of a transmission flush or repair, be sure to contact a highly qualified mechanic in Silver Springs, MD. To learn more about the signs that a car needs transmission repair, watch this video from eHow.

At Murray’s Auto Clinic, we can provide you with a full range of auto repair services. Using our automotive diagnostic tools, we will be able to pinpoint the precise trouble with your transmission. To set up an appointment today, call us at (301) 622-6700.

transmission gearWhen you are scheduling auto repair near Silver Spring, MD, you may want to consider setting up a transmission flush for your vehicle. Your car’s transmission is designed to smoothly and safely transfer power from your engine to your wheels. By keeping up on transmission repair for your car, you can prevent serious mechanical problems. If you are wondering whether you should set up a transmission fluid change for your vehicle, read on to learn more about the benefits of a transmission flush.

Prevent Transmission Problems

One of the most important benefits of a transmission flush is that this simple service can prevent transmission problems in the future. When your transmission fluid becomes too dirty or contaminated with debris, it will no longer be able to provide power or lubrication for your transmission. With routine transmission fluid changes, you can eliminate the chances of experiencing serious transmission troubles in the future.

Save Money on Repairs

Transmissions can be expensive to repair or replace. By scheduling transmission flushes at regular intervals, you will be able to save money on the overall cost of repairing your vehicle. When you keep your transmission properly cooled and lubricated, you can rest assured that your vehicle will run great, without the need for costly repairs in the future.

Improve Engine Efficiency

Not only can a transmission flush prevent transmission problems, this service can also improve the overall efficiency of your engine. By keeping your engine properly powered and lubricated, you will help it operate at maximum efficiency. For this reason, a transmission flush can help you save money on your fueling expenses.

When it is time to set up a transmission flush for your vehicle, be sure to contact Murray’s Auto Clinic by calling (301) 622-6700. Our expert mechanics will ensure that your car is in peak driving shape when it leaves our Silver Springs auto repair shop. We look forward to assisting you with all of your auto repair needs.

Car maintenance mythsWhen it comes to maintaining the performance of your car, it can be difficult to separate the myths from the facts. While some car care tips can help you preserve the performance and lifespan of your vehicle, other types of advice may result in an auto repair blunder. To ensure that you are providing the best maintenance for your car, it is important to work closely with a highly rated mechanic in your area. To help you decide when it is time to schedule repairs, here is a look at some myths about auto maintenance.

Myth: Use Thicker Oil in the Summer

One common auto maintenance myth is that drivers should switch to a heavier type of oil during the summer months. The theory behind this myth is that oil with a higher viscosity will provide better lubrication and performance with outdoor temperatures increase. In fact, the best oil for your car is the manufacturer's recommended product, no matter the season.

Myth: Your Radiator Can Be Filled With Water

Some drivers believe that they can refill their radiators with pure water when their coolant is low. While water can be useful during a roadside emergency, continually filling your radiator with water can cause corrosion and other types of damage. When refilling your radiator, be sure to use a mix of coolant and water.

Myth: Your Oil Needs to be Changed Every 3,000 Miles

The 3,000 mile oil change interval is now a notion of the past. Rather than changing your oil every 3,000 miles, you can consult with your mechanic to determine the oil change interval that is best for you.

If you are seeking the best auto repair services in Silver Springs, look no further than Murray's Auto Clinic. We are thrilled to provide our customers with all types of auto maintenance procedures, including coolant flushes and brake inspections. Call us at (240) 450-2478 to learn more about the terrific services that we have to offer you.

Winter Maintenance for Your Car

Posted on Feb 10, 2015

During the winter months, it is important to prepare your vehicle for cooler weather. To ensure that you are ready for winter driving, you can schedule seasonal maintenance at a highly rated auto repair shop. Some winter maintenance procedures that you may want to schedule for your car include a certified inspection and an oil change. By caring for your vehicle, you can stay safe on the road this winter. For more winter car care tips, watch this video from Lauren Fix.

If your car is in need of repairs during the holiday season, be sure to make an appointment at Murray's Auto Clinic by calling (301) 622-6700. Our friendly mechanics provide the Silver Springs area with a complete lineup of auto repairs, and we will make sure that your car is in terrific driving shape when it leaves our facility.

Engine MaintenanceYour car's engine has been built to last for many miles down the road. While the many parts of your engine are incredibly durable, they will experience natural wear and tear as you drive. To keep your engine running for as long as possible, it is important to schedule routine auto maintenance services with your local mechanic. Read on for some handy auto maintenance tips that will help to preserve the lifespan of your engine.

Schedule Oil Changes

Oil changes are among the most essential auto maintenance procedures that can prolong the life of your engine. Motor oil is responsible for cleaning, lubricating, and cooling the many moving parts of your car's engine. Neglecting oil changes can wreak havoc on your engine. By changing your oil every 3,000-5,000 miles, you can help to ensure that your engine remains in peak driving shape.

Maintain Your Transmission

Your transmission also requires regular maintenance in order to keep your engine running smoothly. If you let transmission problems go unrepaired, you may wind up destroying the performance of your engine completely. To care for your transmission, be sure to check your transmission fluid and set up fluid changes every 30,000 miles.

Replace Your Air Filter

As you drive down the road, your engine is exposed to dust, dirt, and other types of debris. To protect your engine and keep it clean, your car is equipped with an air filter. To keep your engine running smoothly, you will need to change your air filter regularly. This simple maintenance procedure will boost the efficiency and performance of your engine.

At Murray's Auto Clinic, our technicians can provide you with all of the services you need to keep your engine running at its best. Our auto repair shop serves the Silver Spring area with a complete range of procedures, including oil changes, transmission flushes, and brake repair. To schedule an appointment for your car, give us a call at (301) 622-6700.

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