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Your Summer Road Trip Auto Checklist

Posted on Jul 28, 2015

There’s no better time for a road trip than summer, but the last thing you want to do is have your car break down along the way. Avoid a car disaster that could derail your trip with some pre-journey planning. Start with your regular maintenance. If you’re overdue for an oil change, get one before you leave town. Top up all of your other fluids and take your car to the auto shop if your air conditioning seems to have lost some of its power. Check your tire pressure and schedule a rotation or car alignment if it has been awhile since your last one. Learn more about getting your car ready for your summer road trip in this infographic from Murray’s Auto Clinics, Inc. Bring your car to our mechanic in Silver Spring, MD for all of your pre-trip auto repair needs, and help your friends and family stay a little safer on the road by sharing this information.

Your car’s exhaust system is among its most important features. Without a working exhaust system, your vehicle could be at risk of sending harmful pollutants into the environment. When you bring your vehicle in for auto repair near Silver Spring, MD, you may want to ask your auto mechanic to examine your exhaust system. By spotting the signs of an exhaust system early on, you can ensure that you are able to repair the issue before it becomes more serious. Here is a closer look at the signs that your car is experiencing exhaust system issues.

Strange Sensations

When your exhaust system is having issues, you may feel strange sensations as you are driving down the road. For example, you may feel that your car is vibrating, or that you loose power as you are stepping on the gas. These symptoms could point to an exhaust leak in your vehicle.

Unusual Noises

Along with creating strange sensations, exhaust problems can also cause your car to make unusual noises. For example, if your car has a disconnected exhaust line, you may find that your vehicle makes a rumbling or growling sound. Since sounds from your car can point to many different issues, you should make sure to schedule an appointment with your mechanic.

Check Engine Light Is On

If your vehicle’s internal sensors detect an issue with the exhaust system, this may cause your check engine light to turn on. Your check engine light is designed to warn you when it is time to schedule a repair appointment. With the diagnostic services of your mechanic, you will be able to pinpoint your precise issue.

To have your exhaust system evaluated by a skilled mechanic in the Silver Spring area, be sure to make an appointment with Murray’s Auto Clinic. We offer muffler repair and all of the other auto repair services that you will need to get your exhaust system in great shape. Give us a call at (240) 450-2478 to schedule an appointment for your vehicle today.

The summer season has arrived, and now is a fantastic time to schedule auto repair near Silver Spring, MD. During the summer months, your vehicle’s many systems will experience additional wear and tear. For example, if you are planning on hitting the road for a summer road trip, it is highly important to make sure that your wheels and tires are in good working condition. To highlight the importance of having good tires this summer, here is a look at how to examine your tires for signs of wear.

Tire Tread Depth

When you are examining your tires for signs of wear, you can start by looking at your tire tread depth. Your tire’s treads provide traction and stability as you are traveling down the road. If your treads become too worn, they can make your car unsafe to drive. To check your tire tread depth, you can look for your tread wear indicator bars.

Sidewall Cracks

Along with checking your tire tread depth, you should also be sure to examine the sidewalls of your tires. As a tire ages, its rubber can become brittle and cracks. If you can see visible cracks along the sidewalls of your tires, this is a good indication that you are ready to replace your tires.

Blisters and Bulges

Even the best quality tires can become warped or damaged with age and use. A final symptom to look for when you are evaluating your tires is any signs of blisters and bulges. When the rubber in a tire begins to bulge, this is an indicator that the structural integrity of the tire has been compromised.

To schedule your summer auto repair appointment, be sure to get in touch with Murray’s Auto Clinic. We proudly provide our customers throughout the Silver Spring area with top quality transmission repair, tire replacement, and a variety of other car repair procedures. For more information about the terrific services that we have to offer your vehicle, give us a call at (240) 450-2478.

Brake Service 101

Posted on Jun 25, 2015

If you notice that your car is in need of brake service, you should be sure to book immediate services with a mechanic in Silver Spring, MD. Since your brakes and brake rotors are among the most critical safety systems in your vehicle, any brake problems should be immediately addressed by an auto mechanic. To help you determine when it is time to bring your vehicle into the shop, here is a look at the basics about what every driver should know about brake services.

Master Cylinder Issues

The master cylinder is among the most critical parts of your car’s braking system. Since automotive brakes are powered hydraulically, they rely on pressurized fluid in order to function properly. The master cylinder is responsible for generating the power for all of the brake fluid in your brake lines. A faulty master cylinder will need attention from a qualified mechanic.

Brake Pads and Rotors

Along with the master cylinder, the brake pads and rotors are among the brake components that require the most frequent repairs. When your brake pads wear down, you may begin to hear a high pitched noise when you hit the brake pedal. Allowing your brake pads to wear down too far could cause damage to your rotors and calipers.

Creating a Brake Service Schedule

One of the best ways to care for your car’s brakes is to create a brake service schedule. Each automotive manufacturer has its own specific recommendations about when the brake pads should be replaced. By following this maintenance timeline, you can help your brakes last for longer.

To schedule brake service for your vehicle in Silver Spring, do not hesitate to contact Murray’s Auto Clinic. The friendly technicians in our service department will be able to fully diagnose and repair any issues that you may be experiencing with your braking system. Give us a call at (888) 689-1781 to make an appointment to have your brakes looked at by our specialists.

Tips for Selecting an Auto Mechanic

Posted on Jun 18, 2015

choosing a mechanic

With the summer season just around the corner, now is a terrific time to schedule car repair with a mechanic in Silver Spring, MD. From a brake service to radiator repair and more, there are many different automotive services that will ensure that your car is ready for summer driving. By working with a skilled mechanic near you, you can rest assured that your car will be prepared for your driving adventures. Here are some tips to help you choose the right auto mechanic.

Consider Local Reviews

When you are selecting an auto mechanic in your area, you may want to research reviews from other customers in your neighborhood. A great mechanic is sure to have favorable reviews from all of the drivers that they have assisted in the past. By booking services with a highly rated mechanic, you can schedule your repairs with confidence.

Evaluate Experience and Expertise

A great mechanic will have many years serving your local community. When you are looking for a new mechanic to service your car, you may want to seek out an auto repair center with plenty of experience. In addition, you can also ask whether your mechanic specializes in the types of services that your car requires.

Ask for an Estimate

Finally, when you are considering booking services with an auto mechanic, you may want to ask your shop for a written estimate. A quality auto repair center will gladly provide you with a full estimate before they begin work on your vehicle. With this estimate, you will have a better idea of what to expect from your service.

If you are seeking a highly rated auto mechanic in Silver Spring, look no further than Murray’s Auto Clinic. We are proud to provide our satisfied customers with a complete range of highly rated auto services. To book a summer car care appointment today, give us a call at (888) 689-1781.

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