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We’re Here When You Need Us: Transmission Repairs in Silver Spring, MD

Murray's Auto Clinic is a proudly family-owned and -operated repair shop based in Silver Spring, MD. Our team can handle transmission repairs for customers throughout the surrounding area, making us one of the most trustworthy companies. We believe in honesty. When a customer brings their vehicle to our shop, we diagnose thoroughly and provide an accurate and forthright estimate. Not only will you receive a firm price point for your repairs, but you will also receive a timetable for when to expect your vehicle back. Most importantly, you can expect our technicians to perform all repairs correctly and with factory-specific parts. You can trust us with your car.

car transmission

How to Tell When You Have Transmission Problems

The transmission is a crucial part of any vehicle. It is also one of the most complex and expensive to repair, so we understand the stress associated with discovering you need transmission repairs. Inside your car is a complicated series of gears powered by your vehicle’s flywheel. The transmission moves between those gears and helps power your vehicle. Essentially, without a functioning transmission, your car will not shift gears. Transmission problems are serious. Fortunately, they are also apparent. You know how your car is supposed to drive. Take immediate action if you notice the following:

  • Delays Between Shifting Gears
  • Car Shaking or Shuddering at All Speeds
  • Fluid Visibly Leaking From the Car
  • Burning Smells From Under the Hood
  • Transmission Slipping, Grinding, or Jumping While Accelerating
  • Unusual Sounds Coming From the Automobile
  • Transmission Fluid That Is Cloudy, Thick, or Foul-Smelling
  • The Gear Shifter is Hard to Move

Visit Our Shop Every Two to Three Years for a Transmission Checkup

Due to the importance of your transmission, we recommend you visit our shop regularly. For instance, coming to us every 24,000 to 36,000 miles – or every two to three years. Your owners’ manual will have more detailed information. When in doubt, follow your manual. This also goes for the oil changes we provide. Keeping up with preventative maintenance is the best way to prevent the early retirement of your vehicle.

Call Our Shop for Outstanding Automotive Repairs