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High-Quality Car Frame Repair in Silver Spring, MD

Car accidents can cause a range of problems for motorists. But the most apparent issue is the chassis or the frame. Damaged frames are potentially dangerous, so you should never attempt to drive with a damaged chassis. Fortunately, Murray's Auto Clinic offers affordable car frame repairs to Silver Spring, MD motorists. Don’t allow frame damage to make your problems worse. Instead, bring your vehicle to our shop. We have rebuilt and repaired cars since 1982 and use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and unparalleled expertise to do the job.


Visible Bending or Damage

Frame damage following an accident is usually apparent. But other signs include rust, cracks, and creases. You can also find frame damage by assessing the underside of your vehicle.

Poor Alignment

If you were recently in an accident, you might find your vehicle pulling in one direction. This is a sign of frame damage. Even if there were no cracks, bends, or other visible issues, there can still be damaged.

Unusual Noises

Bent car frames cause unique sounds, such as creaking and squealing. These sounds will come from your car’s front, sides, and rear. We recommend bringing your vehicle to our shop.

Uneven Wear on Shocks & Suspension

Bent frames stress your shocks and suspension. If there is extra weight on one side, it will cause that side to wear faster. The result is an expensive fix. It is always better to detect frame damage sooner.

Get in Touch With Us for Chassis Repair

Murray's Auto Clinic is ready to repair frame damage – no matter how severe. We have the experience to assess the situation and repair the damage quickly and correctly. Over the years, we have used our expertise to restore our customers’ vehicles to working order and save them from costly long-term problems. You can trust our team to get you back on the road.

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