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Invaluable Fuel Injection Cleaning for Silver Spring, MD Customers

Your fuel filter or fuel system plays an integral role in your vehicle. But many car owners do not think twice about it, leading to problems. Clogs are a significant problem. They can negatively impact your vehicle’s performance and result in lower gas mileage and other related problems. Fortunately, we provide fuel injection cleaning to Silver Spring, MD and the surrounding area. Our certified technicians use various state-of-the-art technological tools to assess what ails your vehicle and knowledge to implement fixes. We are skilled at quickly identifying problems and getting our customers’ vehicles back on the road. You can rely on Murray's Auto Clinic.

car fuel injection system

How to Tell When You Need Fuel Injection Cleaning

Fortunately for you, there are many common and apparent signs you need to clean your vehicle’s fuel system. The fuel injector delivers gasoline into your automobile’s combustion chamber. From there, your engine mixes it with air and ignites the spark created by the spark plugs. All these reactions rely on a seamless process. Dirty fuel filters clog up the works.

Five Signs to Keep an Eye Out For

A Misfiring Engine

Misfiring is best described as a “stuttering feeling.” It will make your vehicle lurch or vibrate. This occurs because the fuel injectors can’t provide enough fuel for the air/fuel mixture.

Rough Idling

Besides misfiring, a dirty or clogged fuel system will cause rough idling. If your car bucks and vibrates when stopped, you need to bring it to us immediately.

Poor Gas Mileage

You drive your car a lot. Something is amiss if you have noticed a significant drop in gas mileage. It may be as simple as a clogged fuel system.

A Dancing Tachometer

The tachometer displays your vehicle's RPM. When you have a clogged fuel system, the needle will "dance" up and down.

Dead Engine

One of the reasons you want to be proactive about fuel injection cleaning is it can kill your engine if left unchecked. If your car doesn't start, this could be the issue.

Never Wait to Address Fuel Injection Problems

You should never ignore any problem with your car, truck, or SUV. Many issues are minor and inexpensive to fix. Fuel injection cleaning is one of those easy fixes. However, clogs get worse over time. So, it pays to bring your vehicle to our shop when you notice any of the above signs. Another thing to remember is that many of the symptoms of a dirty fuel injection system can indicate other problems, such as engine failure. No matter what is causing the problem, we will find the solution.

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