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    Your Basic Car Maintenance Checklist

    Last updated 7 months ago

    Before you head out on a drive, it is important to check over your car’s major systems. When you are creating a car maintenance checklist, it is essential to include an inspection of major systems such as your tires, windshield wipers, oil levels, and headlights. To learn more about your basic car maintenance checklist, watch this video from

    To learn more about how to maintain your car, contact Murray’s Auto Clinic. When you visit our Silver Springs, MD auto maintenance center, our friendly technicians will be thrilled to answer all of your questions about how to care for your car. Give us a call at (240) 450-2478 to set up your next auto repair appointment with the specialists here at Murray’s Auto Clinic.  

    Tips for Fuel Efficient Driving

    Last updated 8 months ago

    Fuel efficiency is a major concern for many drivers. While each car offers its own level of fuel efficiency and performance, there are steps that you can take to maximize the efficiency of your vehicle. By practicing fuel-efficient driving habits and properly maintaining your vehicle, you will be sure to get the most out of every drop of fuel. Here are some essential tips for fuel-efficient driving.

    Follow the Speed Limit

    One way to achieve the best efficiency from your vehicle is to follow the speed limit at all times. On the highway, speeds of more than 60 miles per hour can significantly increase the fuel consumption of your car. To achieve the best possible fuel economy, it is extremely important to always follow the speed limit. In addition, avoiding rapid acceleration when driving at any speed can help you get the best efficiency from your vehicle.

    Avoid Heavy Loads

    When your vehicle is weighted down with heavy cargo, your fuel economy will decrease. To get the best gas mileage from your vehicle, avoid transporting heavy loads whenever possible. During your routine driving errands or daily commute, make sure to pack your car as lightly as possible. Any heavy items that are not necessary for your day should be left at home.

    Schedule Regular Maintenance

    The various systems of your car have been finely tuned to provide you with the best possible fuel economy. To achieve the best gas mileage from your vehicle, it is important to schedule key maintenance procedures. By keeping your engine, tires, and other systems properly tuned and maintained you will achieve the best possible fuel economy.

    At Murray’s Auto Clinic, our expert technicians can help you keep your vehicle in peak condition. We offer a complete range of auto repairs and maintenance services, including brake repairs and emissions repairs. To schedule a maintenance appointment for your car, call our Silver Springs service center today at (240) 450-2478.

    Choosing the Right Motor Oil for Your Car

    Last updated 8 months ago

    Motor oil is one of the most essential components of your vehicle. This automotive fluid is what cools and lubricates the many moving parts of your car’s engine. By scheduling routine oil changes, you will help to ensure that your car provides you with fantastic performance and efficiency. When you schedule your next oil change procedure, you will have several different types of motor oil to choose from.  Here is a look at the types of motor oil, and how to select the right oil for your car.

    Conventional Oil

    Conventional oil is a product that is produced naturally during the petroleum drilling process. Conventional oil is a standard type of oil that is suitable for use in many different vehicles. When you are selecting conventional oil for your car, you will need to consider which oil viscosity will be appropriate for your engine. Your owner’s manual will specify which viscosity of oil is right for your car. When you use conventional motor oil in your car, you will need to change your oil around every 3,000-5,000 miles.

    Synthetic Oil

    Synthetic oil is a relatively new innovation in motor oil technology. Unlike naturally derived conventional oil, synthetic oil is manmade and produced in a lab. Because synthetic oil is completely fabricated, the oil manufacturer will have complete control over the viscosity and performance of the final product. Synthetic oil offers a higher level of performance and a longer lifespan than conventional oil. Typically, synthetic oil is used in high performance engines.

    If your car is in need of an oil change, be sure to make an appointment at Murray’s Auto Clinic. We provide our many satisfied customers in the Silver Spring area with a complete range of auto repairs, maintenance services, and brake repairs. For more information about the quality automotive services we have to offer you, give our service center a call today at (240) 450-2478.

    Why You Should Choose Murray's Auto Clinic - High Quality Service Center

    Last updated 8 months ago

    If you are looking for a high quality service center, look no further than Murray’s Auto Clinic. For more than three decades, we have provided our many satisfied customers with a complete range of auto repair and maintenance services. Our two Silver Springs locations are fully equipped to provide you with all of your auto maintenance needs.

    When you bring your car to us for service, our certified mechanics will repair your vehicle with the best available tools and techniques. Using advanced diagnostic equipment, we will pinpoint the precise services your vehicle requires. With our dedication to customer service, we are sure that you will be completely satisfied with your auto repair experience.

    To make a maintenance appointment for your vehicle, give our Silver Springs location a call at (240) 450-2478. From routine maintenance to key repair procedures, we offer all of the services your car needs to remain in peak working condition. We look forward to seeing you at a Murray’s Auto Clinic location in the near-future!

    "It is a pleasure to rely on Murray's"

    Last updated 8 months ago

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    • As usual, I was very satisfied by the excellent treatment I received at Murray's. I came way convinced that they had provided a thorough diagnosis of the automobile--now over ten years old--and attended to those needs. In this visit, the automobile required only pre-Winter maintenance, and that is what I received.

      It is a pleasure to... More

      Joe Goldberg

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