Dec 18, 2011 | | ,
Client’s rating: 5 of 5

I brought in my dying 16-year old car because the muffler fell off and I realized I had some other problems brewing. Ultimately, my car had a LOT more problems than I knew about, and it was not financially viable for me to spend thousands of dollars in repairs for a car that may have only another year or two left in it. I will have to say that the guys here were super helpful, straightforward, and honest. I was never once pressured me into doing repairs, and they even remarked that the repairs may not be worth it at that point in my car’s life. The only charged me for their time (which was totally justified and understandable), and I left sad that my Civic was really just toast, but glad that I had someone that was not trying to rip me off for never-ending repairs. I have since bought a brand new car, but I’m definitely keeping these guys in mind if I ever need an auto guy!