Sep 24, 2013 | | ,
Client’s rating: 5 of 5

Once again, Murray’s Auto provided honest, efficient and reliable service. Took my car in for brake work since I could hear the grinding noise. Figured it would be a fortune because the rotors would most likely have to be replaced too since it sounded like the pads were completely gone. Got a call within an hour of dropping it off that the pads were fine but they just happened to be noisy. They charged me for an oil change and labor for looking at the pads and I drove my car away with the whole thing costing less than a hundred bucks. You probably don’t have to guess what other mechanic outfits might have done in this scenario (which is why I always ask to have the old parts when they’re done for inspection). None of that is necessary at Murray’s because they really are in business to help people get back on the road. They’re mechanics, and damn good ones, not a bunch of guys looking to make a quick buck. Would never take my car anywhere else.