Sep 18, 2011 | | ,
Client’s rating: 5 of 5

These folks are the real thing 🙂 I had a crap Chevy that needed just about every major part replaced towards the end of its life and thank goodness I found Murray’s Auto Clinic. They are the most genuine, no-bullshit, non-condescending mechanics I’ve ever done service with, and from what I know they’ve been doing a good job. They really do care about their customers and when I started crying on the phone once after being quoted the amount I owed for parts and service, because I was totally devastated by how much it was, they took off the labor costs almost entirely. Only caveat is that they’re very busy and – being a small, privately-owned shop – can only schedule you in when they can schedule you in. Finally – for folks in downtown Silver Spring – you can walk to the metro from their shop! How much more convenient could you be?