Jan 6, 2012 | | ,
Client’s rating: 5 of 5

Took in a 1992 Camry I got from my sister in SC to replace car totalled in MD. It had stalled on me while driving and had already cost me thousands in work to pass state inspection. I had it towed in (USD 100), they told me they’d look at it and gave me a ride home. Next day they called, said it was the timing belt (and a couple of other things) and it would be around 1200 bucks. Needless to say, I didn’t have that kind of money and told them it might take some time before I could decide if I wanted them to go ahead with it. They said it was fine and take my time. They then told me, if it was too much money to consider that they might find other problems once they get down in there with a car that old so it might be even more. Finally went in and said it was too much for such a piece of junk and that I’d have it towed away and then call a junkyard that could buy it for a hundred bucks. They said they had a company they knew that could do that from there, they’d set it up and I wouldn’t have to worry about towing and then finding the company. I can’t tell you what a headache that car was but the guys at Murray’s made the whole ordeal easier to handle. Finally, just wanted to say, I read some other reviews commenting on their “gruff” demeanor and questioning their customer service. Look, people, they’re not running a high-end gift shop, catering to delicate customers, they’re running an auto-repair shop and are damn good at what they do. If they’re not smiling to your satisfaction, deal with it. They take care of business and help you out when you need it. I’m giving them five stars.