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Car suspension problems

Diagnosing a suspension problem in your vehicle can be difficult, because oftentimes suspension issues creep up over a long period of time rather than occurring all at once. By caring for your suspension system, you will maintain a smooth, comfortable, and safe ride under all road conditions. Here are some of the signs that your car has suspension problems:

Bouncy Front End

Your vehicle is equipped with shock absorbers that damper excessive movement and prevent your car from bouncing. If the shock absorbers wear out, you may notice that your car bounces and sways excessively as you are driving. To test your shock absorbers, push down on one corner of the front end of your vehicle. If it bounces more than three times, chances are you have a problem with your shock absorbers.

Sinking Curb Height

For cushioning and support while you are driving, your car’s wheels are attached to the body with springs. If your springs are faulty, they will not provide the buoyancy or support needed for a smooth drive. You will be able to tell that your springs are broken by measuring the curb height of your vehicle. If your car is lower than it should be according to your owner’s manual, this is a sign that your car has suspension problems.

Worn Ball Joints

The front suspension system of your car is held together with ball joints. When properly lubricated and maintained, the ball joints will ensure that your car steers and drives smoothly. If the ball joints are excessively worn or broken, you might notice clunking noises or that your steering wheel vibrates when you are in motion. You can inspect the condition of the ball joints by looking behind the wheel where they are attached. If they have worn past the wear indicator mark, it is time to have them replaced.

At Murray’s Auto Clinic of Silver Spring, we can diagnose and repair your suspension system problems. Contact our Silver Spring, MD repair center at 301-585-7557 to schedule an appointment with us today! You can also visit our website to learn more about our auto repair services.