Fuel Pump 101: Looking For Fuel Pump Problems and Car Maintenance Tips

There are a few signs that you may have a bad fuel pump .  The two most common are loss of power in the vehicle or an inability to function.  There are meters that can determine if it is a fuel pump problem.  The best way to prevent fuel pump problems is regularly changing your fuel filter.  In addition, refilling your gas tank before it drops bellow a quarter of a tank can prevent the filter from getting clogged.

This video teaches you to diagnose a fuel pump problem from common signs.  The video talks about how a garage would repair the problem.  Finally, the video teaches you how to prevent a fuel pump problem.

If you need help maintaining your vehicle, diagnosing a problem, or repairing your vehicle, contact us at Murray’s Auto Clinic where our expert service will help you get back on the road.

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