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Key of the car

Several systems in your car must come together in order for your engine to turn the fuel in its tank into usable energy. Of these systems, the ignition system is one of the most important. Read this article to find out how your ignition system works, what problems you might experience with it, and what maintenance is required to keep it in good condition.

How a Vehicle Ignition System Works

To ignite the fuel and air mixture in your car, the Engine Control Unit (ECU) or Powertrain Control Module (PCM) directs electric current from your battery to the spark plugs in your engine’s cylinders. The timing of this spark is incredibly important for performance and emissions. For optimal power and torque, the spark should occur when the piston is on its way to the top of its compression stroke because this is when the pressure in the cylinder is at its highest. For lower emissions, the spark should occur a bit later so that the temperature in the cylinder is reduced and fewer nitrogen oxides are released during combustion.

Symptoms of Ignition System Problems

If your car’s engine suddenly loses power and starts to run erratically, it could be because a malfunctioning spark plug is causing some of your cylinders to become inoperable. At Murray’s Auto Clinics, our car repair shop can check the condition of your spark plugs and determine if everything if problems such as a dirty air filter or an oil leak are causing your ignition problems.

Regular Maintenance Required

The most important maintenance services to get at your local repair shop are air and oil filter replacement, since these filters protect your ignition system. You should also get new spark plugs according to the recommendations in your owner’s manual to reduce the chances of spark plug failure.

For all of your auto maintenance, as well as repair needs in the Silver Spring area, head to Murray’s Auto Clinic. We offer affordable, high-quality services for all makes of cars. Call for more information at 301-585-7557, or visit us on the web to find out more about our services.