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It’s quite common to have your car make strange noises, especially if you drive an older vehicle. The important thing is to understand which noises signal a serious issue that requires immediate attention from a certified mechanic. Here are just a few of the automotive noises that indicate that your car needs immediate maintenance.

Squeaking Brakes

When it comes to automotive safety, there are few things more important than your car’s brakes. Unfortunately, many car owners don’t invest in the appropriate maintenance. Instead, they wait until their brakes are on the verge of failure to replace them altogether. This is extremely risky, however, since you also run an increased chance of losing your brakes completely while on the road. One noise you should look out for in order to prevent this nightmare scenario is squeaking brakes. If your brakes squeak whenever you apply them, this is a sign that your brake pads are almost worn out and need to be replaced as soon as possible.

Grinding Noise

If you hear grinding noise when you shift gears, it could mean that you have problems with your clutch or transmission. While the solution could be as simple as adjusting the clutch, a grinding noise could also signal more serious damage, like a worn clutch or a damaged transmission. In any case, if you hear a grinding noise while shifting gears, it is a signal that you need to take your car to a mechanic and have the problem diagnosed.

The noises listed above are just a small sample of the potential noises you could hear while driving your car. In order to ensure the safety and safety of your passengers, the best course of action is to simply consult a mechanic regardless of the noise you hear. This will help you catch problems early on before they become too serious. If you want to learn more about engine noises and car repair, call Murray’s Auto Clinics at 301-585-7557.