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Car malfunctions happen every day, and knowing how to handle an emergency situation when it presents itself is a crucial aspect of safe-driving knowledge. When a mechanic is out of reach, take these tips with you to know what to do in the event your car breaks down

  • Pull Over
    When your car experiences a sudden and unexpected loss of power, the first step in protecting yourself and your car is getting out of traffic. Once you have removed the vehicle from the roadway, pop the hood of your car’s engine compartment to signal your distress. Remember that when your car loses power, you do not want to remove the key from the ignition until you are parked. Steering locks can make it impossible to maneuver the car without a key and make it dangerous to remove it during travel.
  • Check the Electrical Components
    If you have any mechanical savvy, then examine the battery and its connections. A loose connection to your battery can cause your car to power down if the wiring is jarred by potholes and bumps. Additionally, when you’re looking into the engine, keep an eye out for anything leaking since a loss in pressure from a leak can also cause a car to lose power.
  • Call for Assistance
    Once you’ve done all that you can with the limited resources at your disposal, it is time to call in an expert. A tow truck can respond if your car needs to be taken to a repair shop, or a AAA member can call his or her policy provider for assistance if the problem is less serious.

When it comes to automotive issues, Murray’s Auto Clinic has seen it all. If you’re having trouble with your car, truck, or SUV, then call us at 301-585-7557 or visit us online for a list of our services. We specialize in automotive care and maintenance and can help keep your car in top shape.