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Many drivers have passed that car on the side of the freeway with smoke and steam pouring from under the hood, and some have even been in that unfortunate vehicle. One of the most common reasons for a car to be stranded and broken down is the overheating of the engine. The best way to avoid this problem is with regular car maintenance, when your mechanic can check fluid levels and overall auto performance. Here are just a few of the reasons why a car might overheat:

smoke coming out from car
  1. Low Radiator Fluid
    Radiator fluid, also known as coolant or antifreeze, is the fluid that runs through the radiator to regulate the temperature of a car’s engine. If there is a leak in the radiator or the coolant reservoir, then the fluid may run too low to effectively cool the engine.
  2. Excessive Payload
    Cars and trucks are designed to carry certain weights, either within the vehicle or towed. If a vehicle is loaded with excessive weight, then it may cause stress on various parts of the drive train. Generally, the transmission will take the majority of the stress, heating up and causing the temperature of the engine to rise alongside it. 
  3. Faulty Cooling Fan
    In internal combustion engines, a fan plays an important role in the cooling system. These fans are either electrical or mechanical and will adjust in power depending on the heat of the engine. If the fan is broken, then it may not adjust as necessary, allowing the engine to get particularly hot.
  4. Broken Thermostat
    The entire cooling system of a car’s engine is regulated by a thermostat. This controls the fan and radiator. If something happens to compromise the thermostat, then the engine temperature cannot be accurately gauged. This means that when an engine heats up, the car is unable to cool the engine. 

If your car shows signs of excessive heating, then call Murray’s Auto Clinic at 301-585-7557 and set up an appointment today. We provide an array of high-quality automotive services at two family-owned and operated car repair shops in Silver Spring, Maryland. And remember, your car can still overheat in the winter!