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Do you like to measure your car’s performance statistics? If you like to modify your car or push it to its limits, the Car Performance app for Android phones can track your vehicle’s performance. The Car Performance app uses your Android phone’s built-in GPS chip to determine the speed of your car over a set distance. Use the Car Performance app to measure 1/8-mile and 1/4-mile times, 0-60 mph and 0-100 mph acceleration, top speed, and more. Click the link to download the free version of the app.

blurry image of car moving fast

Murray’s Auto Clinic has more than 31 years of experience in auto repair and maintenance. To have a professional mechanic look at your modified or high-performance car, visit our repair shop today in Silver Spring, MD. Call us at 301-585-7557 or head to our website if you have any questions for our auto repair professionals.