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Air Conditioner

The heater core is the component of your car’s climate control system that provides heated air to the cabin. This heating system element is located under the dashboard and near to the car’s engine. To generate heat, hot coolant from the radiator passes through the heater core and creates hot air, which is then delivered to the cabin with a fan. The cooled radiator fluid then cycles back into the engine. The temperature of your car’s cabin is controlled by the amount of heated radiator fluid that is cycling through the heater core. To create more heat, more fluid will flow through the core. Because the fluid that flows out of the core and back into the engine has been cooled, you can help stop your engine from overheating by turning up the heat in your cabin.

If you would like to learn more about your car’s climate control system, contact Murray’s Auto Clinic. Call our Silver Springs auto repair center at 301-585-7557 to hear more about the great maintenance and repair services that we offer.