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Need an oil change in the Silver Spring area? You may have questions about what type of oil is best for your car. One highly misunderstood aspect of auto maintenance has to do with synthetic motor oil. A common misconception is that synthetic motor oil is always best, no matter what type of vehicle you have. However, this is not always true—in fact, in some cases, you may be better off not using synthetic motor oil. It all depends on the car you drive. Let’s look at synthetic motor oil and whether it’s the right choice for your auto maintenance service.

Properties of the Oil

It’s true that synthetic oil contains high-performance fluids that some cars will benefit from, but it is also a thinner and more slippery substance. Because of these properties, certain cars should avoid using synthetic oil, most notably brand-new cars and those with preexisting engine problems such as cracks or leaks.

Factors in Use

A car’s age and mileage will affect whether or not a synthetic should be used. In general, older cars with high mileage are more prone to leaking. Therefore, thinner motor oil would be counterproductive, as it will increase the likelihood of leaks worsening.

Cost-Benefit Breakdown

Another reason synthetic motor oil is perceived as the better choice for all cars is because it costs more. However, due to the nature of the product, cheaper versions of synthetic oil may break down over time, leading to worse results than with conventional oil. In order to truly reap the benefits of synthetic, be sure to purchase a high-quality brand. The extra cost can be justified by the fact that your oil will need to be changed less than half as often!

The Importance of Directions

When you consult your owner’s manual, you may find that your car recommends a synthetic or semi-synthetic oil during auto maintenance service. By looking in your owner’s manual or talking to your auto repair shop, you can make the right choice for your vehicle.

At Murray’s Auto Clinic, we provide high-quality auto maintenance service using the best oil for your car, because we know how the right products can minimize the need for auto repair. Give us a call at 301-585-7557 today to speak with an auto repair specialist about getting an oil change!

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