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Many people falsely assume that two-wheel drive vehicles are the only ones that need tire rotation services. But the reality is that all-wheel drive vehicles need to have their tires rotated just as frequently. For one, all-wheel drive vehicles do not use all four wheels evenly. Instead, many all-wheel drive vehicles distribute power only to the front or the rear axle until slippage occurs, at which point the torque distribution to each axle changes. Furthermore, remember that weight distribution is never perfectly even, and the end that bears the most weight will experience accelerated tire wear. Over time, this means that two of the tires will wear out faster than the other two unless they are taken to a car repair shop for a tire rotation service.

To get a top-notch tire rotation service for your all-wheel drive vehicle, visit Murray’s Auto Clinics. We have more than thirty years of car repair and maintenance experience. Visit our website or call us at 301-585-7557 for more information about our locations, services, and prices.