Top Signs That Your Car Needs a Transmission Flush

Your transmission is an integral part of your car. When it comes to typical automotive maintenance , a transmission flush should be performed every 30,000 miles or two years; however, this is not always the case. Here are a few of the top signs that your car needs a transmission flush now.

Hand pouring transmission fluid


When you hear strange sounds coming from your vehicle, this is typically an indication that something is in need of repair. Grinding sounds may signify a problem with your transmission. With the engine running, check the transmission fluid and make sure the color is the proper bright red. The grinding sounds coming from your car may be due to low levels of fluid or a contaminated transmission; in this case, it may be wise to have a transmission flush now.


You may need an immediate transmission flush if your transmission is having trouble keeping your car in the appropriate gear. Just as a lack of transmission fluid can impair the transmission’s ability to provide enough pressure, the same symptoms may occur when your transmission is dirty. A buildup of dirt and other debris may obstruct the path of the transmission fluid, making it difficult for the transmission to keep the vehicle in gear.


In the event that your car stalls after you put it in gear, check the transmission and fluid for any visible problems. If you do not notice any issues and the transmission is otherwise not problematic, the issue may lie with unclean transmission fluid. In this case an immediate transmission flush should correct the problem and cease the vehicle from stalling before movement.

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