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If you want the best service for your car without overpaying, it’s essential that you choose a business that has a good reputation and a great deal of experience. Here are the reasons why you should consider an independent auto mechanic rather than a dealership for your auto maintenance and repair needs:

Personalized Attention

If you go to a dealership for your vehicle repair or maintenance, you’ll notice that dealerships are large, chaotic places. Dealers have multiple service advisors and dozens of technicians, which means you will rarely deal with the same person. At a dealership, you have slim chances of getting personalized attention from the individual who serviced your car last time. Each time you go to a dealer for auto repair or maintenance, it’s likely that the technician who actually services your car has never seen it before and will never serve it again.

Better Prices

Car dealerships can get away with charging exorbitant amounts for repairs and maintenance simply because a lot of drivers that take their cars to the dealer don’t realize that they’re being overcharged. Avoid paying through the nose for car repair and maintenance and go with an independent repair shop that offers fair prices.

More Honesty About Elective vs. Required Repairs

Car dealers have a bad habit of suggesting more repairs than are actually necessary, primarily because they are used to being able to charge the manufacturer for a warranty-covered repair. Independent car repair shops, however, know the difference between necessary repairs and elective ones. In general, independent auto repair shops value customer satisfaction more than dealerships, and for this reason, will be as honest as possible with the customer about which repairs are necessary and which ones are not.

More Experience

Independent auto mechanics generally have extensive experience that often exceeds the experience of the younger technicians who are just starting their careers at dealerships. Take your vehicle to a reputable independent repair shop to ensure that it is in good hands.

For top-notch maintenance and repair services for your car, come to Murray’s Auto Clinics in Silver Spring. See what services we can offer you, and be sure to call us at 301-585-7557 for more information.