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For a lot of people, cars are like a foreign language. You know how to drive one but when it comes to auto repair, you might as well be speaking another language. While it’s not essential you know all about your car and auto maintenance service, there are certain parts you should know about. For a brief introduction to your vehicle’s parts and to see how these parts work, check out the following information.

  • Engine: The main component under your vehicle’s hood is the engine. Your engine’s purpose is to convert gasoline into motion in order for your car to move. Gas is burned inside a vehicle’s engine by internal combustion.
  • Automatic Transmission: A vehicle’s automatic transmission transfers the power from the engine to the vehicle itself. The transmission allows your car to run at many different speeds.
  • Brakes: Brakes, of course, bring your vehicle to a stop. When you press the brake pedal, brake fluid multiplies the force of your foot to stop the tires from rotating. The tires then use friction on the road to stop. If you think your brakes are malfunctioning, then it is very important to look into break repair.
  • Catalytic Converters: The catalytic converter converts air pollutants into less harmful emissions before the air leaves through the vehicle’s exhaust system. It is important to have a catalytic converter and muffler that works. If not, then you will need emissions repair.
  • Cooling System: Your vehicle creates a lot of heat. Cooling systems are responsible for cooling your engine. Radiators store antifreeze and use the radiator fan to pump antifreeze through the hoses of your engine to keep it cool. Take your vehicle to an auto maintenance service center if your vehicle is overheating.

If you think your vehicle is malfunctioning, then take it to Murray’s Auto Clinic. We are a trusted auto maintenance and service center that specializes in auto repair, diagnostics, brake repair, tires, alignments, oil changes, tune-ups, and emissions repair. For a trusted automotive repair center, come to us.