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two mechanics fixing car

Check out the links below to explore your options after your vehicle fails an emissions test, and also keep a few considerations in mind when shopping for new tires. Contact Murray’s Auto Clinics at 301-585-7557 if you have any questions.

  • Head to this page at to understand how the VEIP test works, and how to help your vehicle pass the inspection period.
  • To learn more about the importance of vehicle emissions testing and what you can do to help keep our environment clean, read this article from
  • Read this page from to get an idea of what you should look for in a new set of tires for your car.
  • To learn more about determining the age of your current tires and understand why it is important to replace them at the appropriate time, read this article from
  • This page from can teach you a little more about buying tires that match your vehicle’s requirements.