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inside view of a car starting the ignition of a car

Forgetting to turn off your car’s headlights can cause a dead battery, which is one of the most common reasons why a vehicle won’t start. But oftentimes, the root of the problem is more complicated. Below are some of the other common reasons why your car won’t start, and which automotive repair shop can fix the issue.

Faulty Battery

If your car makes a clicking noise but it will not start, it probably has a dead battery. If the car is completely silent when you turn the key, then the battery terminal cable connections need to be checked. Sometimes these cables become corroded, which means they need to be cleaned or replaced.

Fuel Supply Problem

Does the engine crank over when you try to start the car? This means you need to check the fuel supply leading to the engine. If cranking eventually starts the engine, but then the engine dies shortly afterward, it’s likely a problem with the carburetor.

Spark Plug Failure

If your vehicle is cranking over but won’t start, and it’s not a fuel supply problem, check the spark plugs. A spark plug issue may also cause the engine to misfire while idling or hesitate during acceleration. To prevent spark plug problems, have them inspected every 15,000 miles and replaced according to the recommendations found in your car’s owner manual.

Damp Distributor Cap

Cars that have problems starting when it’s raining may be suffering from a wet distributor cap. To dry the cap out you will either have to shake the moisture out or have a special solvent applied to it at your local auto repair shop.

Engine Timing

If you heard knocking or pinging coming from the engine for a few days before it failed to start, you may have an issue with the engine timing. Improper engine timing can also cause the engine to misfire or hesitate during acceleration.

Murray’s Auto Clinics has been performing auto repair since 1982, and we will be happy to diagnose your vehicle’s starting problem. Visit the Mechanic Services section of this site or call our family-owned and operated repair shop at 301-585-7557 for more information or questions.