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Automotive maintenance and care is best performed by certified mechanics. However, we’ve learned in our recent blogs that there are a lot of ways owners are able to contribute as well as the reasons why it’s so important. Read through the resources below and learn more about ways to care for a vehicle and deal with the unexpected.

  • Take a look at these five warning signs you need tires, and don’t forget the important role that tires play.
  • offers a guide to safely changing a flat tire so you can get on your way to a mechanic for a full inspection and repair.
  • Driving in poor conditions and on bad roads increases the risk of a blowout or similar situations. Learn the facts about driving in rain.
  • The Rubber Manufacturers Association provides this guide for proper tire care including checking tire pressure and tread level.
  • The Federal Trade Commission offers this detailed guide to how octane ratings work and how they affect your vehicle.

Murray’s Auto Clinics offers full automotive services and will keep any vehicle maintained and performing to the best of its abilities. Schedule a service appointment by calling us at 301-585-7557.