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The majority of problems that vehicles experience will present warning signs before becoming particularly serious. The tires are no different, and usually don’t fail without any warning or previous sign of wear, but it does occur on occasion. Although the consequences can be devastating, regular maintenance and repair will greatly reduce the risk of it ever happening. It’s still important to know how to deal with such an event. Read on to learn what steps to take in case your vehicle experiences a blowout.


Blowouts are a major concern because the tires directly affect a vehicle’s ability to be controlled. When one tire fails, it leaves the driver unable to properly control a vehicle and requires special action be taken. First, the driver to needs to avoid their immediate instinct to brake or quickly take their foot off the accelerator pedal—these actions can result in a total loss of control. After a blowout occurs, the driver should slowly release the accelerator pedal while gently steering the vehicle in the direction they wish to travel.


It’s important to get a vehicle with a blown tire off the road as soon as possible while maintaining control. After following the instructions above, guide the vehicle to an emergency lane or to an exit where the vehicle can then be pulled over to a safe location. It’s important to get the vehicle as far away from traffic as possible. Once the vehicle is stopped and off the road, the driver can consider changing the tire. However, this should only be done when far away from traffic, on flat ground, and with the proper equipment.


The best option once the vehicle is safely off the road is to have it towed to a proper repair facility. In most cases the tire is not the only component that suffers damage during a blowout. The wheel, suspension, steering, and other systems are all subject to extra stress during a blowout and may sustain damage.

Avoid ever experiencing a blowout by visiting Murray’s Auto Clinics for regular maintenance and repairs. Schedule a repair by contacting us online or calling our shop at 301-585-7557.