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Unless you are a trained mechanic, it can sometimes be difficult to tell what is wrong with your car. Auto repair can be a tricky science to master, and in most cases, including brake repair, leaving the work to auto maintenance specialists is the best idea. But how do you know when something is wrong with your brakes?

The best way to tell if there is a problem with your brakes is to use your senses. By paying careful attention to your car, you can determine if there is a problem with your brake system. Here are a few ways to tell if you need brake repair.

  • Sound: If you hear unusual noises when you are driving, particularly when stopping, you may have a brake problem. The noises could range from squealing and squeaking, to scraping or grinding. If you ignore a squeak, it will grow into a scrape, which generally means a much more significant brake repair job.
  • Sight: In many cars today, one of the first indicators of a brake issue is the ABS light on the dash. Another sign you might see is brake fluid that has leaked out of the car while you are parked. A word of caution: If you see smoke coming from your car’s wheel after you stop, do not drive the car, as you may have very serious, if not deadly, brake problems.
  • Feel: If, as you are driving, you feel vibrations, contact a trusted auto repair specialist, because your brakes may need maintenance or replacement. Also, if the resistance on the brake pedals changes or decreases, you probably need to have your brake system inspected. Both these signs should be addressed promptly to prevent serious brake problems and potentially fatal car crashes from occurring.

As you drive, if you hear, see, or feel anything out of the ordinary, contact Murray’s Auto Clinic right away. Our trained technicians can diagnose and perform all kinds of repair, including brake and emissions repair. We can also perform your regular maintenance, so don’t wait, call us today!