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Automotive repair can be expensive and a hassle. No one wants their vehicle to break down. That’s why routine auto maintenance is very important to maintaining your vehicle’s like-new condition. Consider the following tips to help keep your vehicle running like new for mile after mile.

  1. Follow the Maintenance Schedule: Almost every vehicle comes with instructions on routine auto maintenance. Often, this information is found in the owner’s manual. Consult the schedule and follow the advice for routine auto maintenance and service. It will keep your vehicle running efficiently and will help avoid any problems down the road.
  2. Use Quality Auto Parts: Never use the cheapest auto parts just to save a few bucks in the moment. Make sure every auto repair is done with the right parts for your vehicle and that they are of high quality.
  3. Drive Gently: Accelerating fast and breaking hard is not good for your vehicle. It will wear out the brakes and require brake repair much sooner. Be careful with your driving habits.
  4. Clean: It might sound odd, but a clean vehicle will often last longer. Paint and other aesthetic elements not only look nice, but they protect your vehicle as well.
  5. Tire Maintenance: Keep an eye on your tire pressure. Reduced air pressure decreases your fuel economy and wears out your tires faster. Remember to also rotate your tires every 10,000 miles.
  6. Drive on Good Roads: Highways are easier on your car than old country roads and dirt roads. When you run over gravel, dirt, leaves, rocks, and sticks, particles are thrown into the underside of your car, slowly causing damage.
  7. Fluids: Change your vehicle’s oil and oil filter on a regular basis. Remember to also check your air filter and other fluids and filters.

For all your auto maintenance and service needs, call Murray’s Auto Clinic. Our certified car diagnosticians will help you understand your vehicle and do the things to make it last longer. We specialize in all auto repairs, brake repairs, emissions repairs, diagnostics, oil changes, tires, and tire alignments. Call today at 301-585-7557 to begin prolonging the life of your vehicle.

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