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While some vibrations can be caused by the road as you drive, other unusual sensations could indicate that your car is experiencing mechanical issues. There are several common causes for a vibrating car. If the vibrations seem to be coming from the engine, this could be a sign that your car is in need of new spark plugs. When the vibrations increase as you hit the brake pedal, your car may be due for a brake repair service. Sometimes, the vibrations may be strongest in the steering wheel. When your steering wheel is vibrating, this may be a sign that your wheels are out of alignment.

shocked reaction of a woman while driving a car

For help diagnosing and repairing your automotive problem, contact Murray’s Auto Clinic. Our Silver Springs repair shop offers all types of maintenance and repair services, including emissions and brake repairs. For more information about the benefits of choosing our auto body shop , call 301-585-7557.