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Brake pads are relatively cheap and can be replaced by your auto mechanic in no time, and yet for whatever reason people routinely drive with brake pads well past the point that they need to be replaced. Maintaining dependable braking power is crucial to your safety and the safety of your passengers, so bring your vehicle in for brake pad replacement if you recognize any of these telling signs:

Image of brake plates
  • High-pitched squealing when the brake pedal is applied; grinding noises typically follow and indicate that the pads have worn completely down
  • Excessive brake dust or the sudden appearance of metal shavings in your rims is an indication that the brake pads are well past the point of needing replacement
  • Vibration in the brake pedal during braking or a grabbing or pulling sensation is both physical feedback signs that indicate your car’s need for brake pad replacement

If you experience any of these warning signs, visit Murray’s Auto Clinics in Silver Spring as soon as possible. Our ASE-certified auto mechanics can install a new set of brake pads and have you back on the road in no time. Call us at 301-585-7557 to learn more about our brake repair and replacement services.