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The alternator in your car controls its major electrical systems. Since an alternator problem can leave you with a serious roadside emergency, it is essential to contact a mechanic in Silver Springs at the first signs of an issue. There are several major signs of alternator problems. First, you may notice that your check engine light is on at all times when you are driving. In addition, you may see that your headlights or taillights are noticeably less bright than usual. When you attempt to start your car, you may also hear a whining or grinding sound. With assistance from your local auto shop, you will be able to restore your alternator to great condition in no time.

For assistance with your alternator and transmission repair needs, be sure to contact Murray’s Auto Clinic by calling 301-585-7557. Our conveniently located auto repair shops throughout the Silver Springs, MD area are fully qualified to provide you with the best auto services around.