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Your car’s exhaust system is among its most important features. Without a working exhaust system, your vehicle could be at risk of sending harmful pollutants into the environment. When you bring your vehicle in for auto repair near Silver Spring, MD, you may want to ask your auto mechanic to examine your exhaust system. By spotting the signs of an exhaust system early on, you can ensure that you are able to repair the issue before it becomes more serious. Here is a closer look at the signs that your car is experiencing exhaust system issues.

Strange Sensations

When your exhaust system is having issues, you may feel strange sensations as you are driving down the road. For example, you may feel that your car is vibrating, or that you lose power as you are stepping on the gas. These symptoms could point to an exhaust leak in your vehicle.

Unusual Noises

Along with creating strange sensations, exhaust problems can also cause your car to make unusual noises. For example, if your car has a disconnected exhaust line, you may find that your vehicle makes a rumbling or growling sound. Since sounds from your car can point to many different issues, you should make sure to schedule an appointment with your mechanic.

Check Engine Light Is On

If your vehicle’s internal sensors detect an issue with the exhaust system, this may cause your check engine light to turn on. Your check engine light is designed to warn you when it is time to schedule a repair appointment. With the diagnostic services of your mechanic, you will be able to pinpoint your precise issue.

To have your exhaust system evaluated by a skilled mechanic in the Silver Spring area, be sure to make an appointment with Murray’s Auto Clinic. We offer muffler repair and all of the other auto repair services that you will need to get your exhaust system in great shape. Give us a call at 301-585-7557 to schedule an appointment for your vehicle today.