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car maintenance check

Finely tuned wheel alignments actually have little reason to fall out of spec on their own. Unfortunately, less-than-ideal driving conditions will always take their toll. The following summary of events leading up to wheel alignment problems can help car owners to mitigate maintenance issues.

  • Detrimental Road Conditions
    Your tires are momentarily jarred into strange angles when they run over potholes or large curbs. The result is a heavy force distributed over the joints attaching the suspension to your wheels. Over time, these forceful impacts will permanently you’re your alignment out of position. This gives drivers another reason to avoid bad roads and steer clear of damaged blacktops. Braking before you come up on a pothole is an easy way to minimize this damage.
  • Wear and Disrepair
    Springs and sockets found in your vehicle will eventually wear over time. Likewise, the rubber bushings that dampen sharp forces for safe and comfortable daily driving will deteriorate with use. As a result, your tires will naturally start slipping out of their intended orientation. Keeping up with your monthly and quarterly maintenance appointments will ensure these parts are replaced in a timely fashion.
  • Vehicle Height Adjustments
    Car owners often make adjustments to their vehicle height for practical and stylistic reasons. Unfortunately, many of these car owners fail to take into account how these adjustments will impact the specifically oriented tire angles that support proper alignment. Taking your vehicle into a repair shop like Murray’s Auto Clinic directly after height adjustments ensures these issues won’t impact your alignment.

Fix alignment issues before they cost you extra money with decreased gas mileage or increased risk of collisions. Murray’s Auto Clinic has been performing major and minor car repairs for Silver Spring residents since 1982. Our ASE-certified technicians will treat you with the diligence and customer service you deserve. Call us at 301-585-7557 today to learn more.