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Car issue fixing

All vehicles require regular tuning to run smoothly and efficiently. If you are experiencing rough starts or backfires when you turn on your engine, chances are you are in need of a fuel injection service. Fuel injection service will increase the efficiency, power, and environmental friendliness of your vehicle. Here is a basic guide to fuel injection service:

How Do Fuel Injectors Get Dirty?

Recent environmental regulations have required drivers to use cleaner-burning fuel. This new fuel is more environmentally friendly, but it is also filled with carbon deposits that get clogged in the fuel injection system of your engine. Over time, your engine will get congested with deposits from the fuel you put in your car. These deposits starve your engine of air and fuel. As the deposits build-up, you will notice a decrease in the overall performance of your vehicle.

Another system that creates deposits in your engine is your car’s EGR system, which stands for Exhaust Gas Recirculation. The EGR redirects exhaust back into your engine to increase the engine’s air supply. The carbon in these exhaust vapors will cause even more deposits.

How Does Fuel System Cleaning Work?

When you have your fuel injection system cleaned by a certified mechanic, the mechanic will break up and remove the deposits that are clogging your engine. This cleaning service does not involve taking apart your engine or performing any invasive procedures. Instead, the mechanic will inject a cleaning fluid through the fuel line of your engine and run it through for several minutes. After the cleaning, the components of your fuel system will be shiny and free of deposits.

How Often Should Your Fuel System Be Cleaned?

Your car’s model, age, and engine type will all determine how often you need to clean the fuel injection system. If you notice a rough idle, hesitation while accelerating, or a loss of fuel efficiency, these are all signs that you need to schedule a fuel injection service.

To schedule your next auto maintenance service, contact Murray’s Auto Clinic at 301-585-7557. We have been performing automotive repair and maintenance services in Silver Spring, MD since 1982.