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Car tire

Worn Edges

If both of the edges of your car’s tires are worn it means your tires are underinflated. You can head to a gas station for more air, or go to your local car repair shop and they will fill your tires and check for proper pressure levels.

Center Worn

If the treads in the center of your tire are worn, it means your car’s tires are just overinflated. Go to a car repair shop to get the air let out to the recommended PSI that’s noted in your driver’s side door jamb. This will ensure optimal fuel economy, handling, safety, and tire life.

Uneven Wear

If your car’s tires have wear on one side, cups, or a bizarre wear pattern accompanied with strange noises or squealing during cornering, there’s a good chance your car needs a wheel alignment service. If your car has bald spots, it could be because your wheels are out of balance or your shocks are worn out. Go to your local repair shop to get the maintenance your car needs to save money and extend the life of your tires.

Scuffed Sidewalls or Flat Tread

These symptoms usually indicate that your tires are too old or worn out and need to be replaced. To test the tread depth of your tires, take a penny and insert it with Lincoln’s head upside down into your tire’s grooves. If the top of Lincoln’s head is visible, then you are in definite need of new tires.

For all of your car maintenance needs, come to Murray’s Auto Clinic of Silver Spring. Call 301-585-7557 to get answers to your car maintenance or repair questions, and visit us on the web for more information.