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Speed Limit board

Everyone is in a hurry these days, but having a lead foot isn’t necessarily a good time-saving solution. In addition to compromising your safety in everyday driving, it can do a number on your vehicle over time and sap fuel economy. Consider this: Even if you have a 10-mile commute on the highway, speeding 20 mph over a 55-mph speed limit will only save you a little under three minutes (2:55). Even these meager savings can drop considerably with variables such as stop lights and heavy traffic.

Additionally, the California Energy Commission estimates that fuel economy decreases rapidly at speeds above 55 mph in most vehicles. In fact, slowing to 55 mph from 65 mph can help you save as much as 15% per gallon. Pushing the engine to work harder and using the brakes to slow down from higher speeds increases regular wear and tear on the entire vehicle. And of course, there is always the risk of getting pulled over.

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