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Your car’s muffler is an essential component of its exhaust system. Located at the back of the underside of most vehicles, the muffler is designed to mute the noises created by your engine. The muffler is shaped like a round canister, and inside this canister are a series of valves and tubes that are insulated with silencing materials. As exhaust gas flows into the muffler, the muffler will gradually slow the speed of the flowing gases. This process of slowing down the gas is what allows your car to perform smoothly and noiselessly. When your muffler is malfunctioning, you will notice that your engine becomes much louder.

If your muffler is in need of service or replacement, come to Murray’s Auto Clinic. We provide the Silver Spring area with a full range of top-quality auto repair services. Our many satisfied customers trust us with all of their auto repair and maintenance needs. To make an appointment with one of our auto repair professionals, call us at 301-585-7557